Carmen Beuchat

Chilean artist and choreographer born in 1941, she migrated to the USA at the end of the 60s, where she participated actively in the New York scene during the 70s and the 80s. A founding member of the Natural History of the American Dancers, Carmen Beuchat has developed a connection between her visual and choreographic work with a strong emphasis on spatial compositions, inserting mobile structures into her pieces.

In Chile, she is recognized as the first source of contact improvisation and composition techniques related to North American postmodern dance. She held dance workshops in the midst of the Chilean dictatorship, initiating a process of great transformation, not only in formal terms but also in terms of a philosophy about the body in motion.

Since the 90s she settles back in Chile working as head of several dance schools and developing creative and educational programmes in Santiago and Valparaíso. She is currently living in Quetroleufu, South of Chile, in the middle of a forest, where she receives constant visits from students, dancers and artists.