“Un esfuerzo chileno: El Trío 65”

Press article written by Claire Robilant for the newspaper La Nación, published on October 17, 1965, titled “Un esfuerzo Chileno: El Trío 65”. The article presents a brief account of the state of dance in Chile and highlights the work of the new group Trío 65, presenting its members, Carmen Beuchat, Gaby Concha and Rosa Celis, and their work. They are mentioned as a ray of sun within the Chilean dance panorama.

Document Information

Name: “Un esfuerzo chileno: El Trío 65”

Author/Creator: Claire Robilant

Place: Santiago, Chile

Date: 14/10/1965

Category: Press - ACBP_10001

Location: Carmen Beuchat´s Archive (Press´ Folder)

Physical Description: Photocopy 21,6 x 33,1 cm.