“Recalling the Critters of Wave Hill´s Past”

Press review written by Jack Anderson about Carmen Beuchat´s work “Owed” presented at Wave Hill Museum, published on July 1990, in New York. It analyzes the work interpreted by Carmen Beuchat, Pamela Smith, Jaime Ortega, Karen Bernal, Mabel Ferragut, Marcela Broughton, Pam McCormick and David Copello, with sculptures by Pam McCormick and sound by Micheal Moneagle. It was presented at Wave Hill Museum located in the Bronx, New York, as part of Summer Dancescape Series on the Lawn, on july 19 and 21st, 1990.

Document Information

Name: “Recalling the Critters of Wave Hill´s Past”

Author/Creator: Jack Anderson

Place: New York, United States

Date: July 1990

Category: Press - ACBP_10049

Location: Carmen Beuchat´s Archive (Press´ Folder)

Physical Description: Press clipping 16,5 x 9 cm.