Twonotone Performing at Merce Cunningham’s Studio Program

Twonotone Performing at Merce Cunningham´studio in 1985. Artistic directors: Carmen Beuchat y Cathy Zimmerman, loghting designby Carol Mullins. The following works were presented: “With New Eyes”, choreography by Cathy Zimmerman, interpreters: Cathy Zimmerman y Mary Shultz, music by Ron McBee & Norman Blake. “Moon is a Witness”, also known as “La Luna es Testigo”, choreography by Carmen Beuchat, interpreters: Gail Donnenfeld, Denyse Schmidt, Cathy Zimmerman and Carmen Beuchat, sound by Michael Moneagle. “Beached Whale” choreography by Cathy Zimmerman, interpreters: Sara Hook, Kathy Ray and Denyse Schmidt, music by Steve Lacy, text: “Moby Dick”, recorded voice: Mary Shultz, costumes by Rachelle Bornstein. This concert took place thanks to the contribution of : Robert Rauchenberg, Terry Van Brunt, Artist and Resources, Marcelo Montealegre, Jaime Barrios, Cynthia Brown, Leonard Krugman, Mr. & Mrs. K.A. Zimmerman, Alfred M. Fraeger, Mr. &Mrs. C.A Muer, Sarah & Sandy Wiener, Ralph Pine and Sat Hon. Photograph company: Kathy McGlynn. Acknowledgements: Kai Peronard, Ingrid Montealegre, Stephen Whitney, Keith Derhammer, Carmen Perea and Carl Goldhagen.