Kei Takei’s Moving Earth Chamber Ensemble Program (1)

Program of Kei Takei´s Moving Earth Chamber Ensemble presented by The Canada Dance Festival Society and The National Arts Centre, La Société du Festival Danse Canada and Le Centre National des Arts. The event took place at Le Groupe Studio Theatre on June 30th, 1988. Three parts of the work “Light ” were presented: “Light, Part 23 (Pilgrimage)” (1986 – 1987), with choreography by Kei Takei, lighting design by Richard Coumbs, music by Diana Marto, composer: Jin Jing Luo, voices: Jing Jing Luo and Marin Rice, percussion: Masuko Takakel, interpreters: Laz Brezer and Kei Takei; Solo of “Light, Part 8” (1974), interpreter Kei Takei; and “Light, Part 14 (Pine Cone Field)” (1979), interpreters: Laz Brezer, Kei Takei and Carmen Beuchat.

Document Information

Name: Kei Takei’s Moving Earth Chamber Ensemble Program (1)

Author/Creator: Unknown

Place: Canada

Date: 30/06/1988

Category: Programs - ACBPG_9032

Location: Carmen Beuchat´s Archive (Programs Folder)

Physical Description: Program 21,7 x 14 cm.