Four Dance Events Program

Theatre at Saint Clements´s program presenting Four Dance Events. Works: “Remainder” coreography by Diane Germaine, original sound: Carol A. Weber, performers: Sarah Singleton, Rebecca Rifkin, Robbi Mohler, Andy Levinson, Charles Flanagan and Diane Germaine. “Tolerating Ambiguities Rather Than Grasping Securities” by Ben Dolphin and Kai Peronard Beuchat. “Scream” by Jacques Patarozzi. “Rosa Espana or the Fallen Angel” by Ben Dolphin and choreography by Carmen Beuchat. “Chapel Piece” by Harriet Berg, Katya Biesanz, Christopher Pilafian, with the participation of: Susan Barnes, Katya Sheila Biesanz, Sandra Grauer, Tom Hackley, George James, Barbara Josephs, Charles Karp, Fiona Kelley, Jane Lowie, Gloria McLean, Christie Nichols and Patrice Regnier, narrator: David Nichols.”In the Time it Takes or Five Duets” by Nora Guthrie and Ted Rotante, tape by: Ted, Nora, Lyvia Drapekin and Billy Vanauer. “Solo From Does Anybody Else Remember the Banana Man?” by Merel Polaway, with choreography by Pat Catterson. “Purple” by Pat Catterson. “Biography” with choreography by Pat Catterson and the participation of Merel Poloway, Ted Rotante, Chritopher Bigelow, Susan Brody, Pamela Cruden, Janet Fractenberg and Betty Martyn. “Solo With Two Ropes” by Tina Croll, “In the Back of the Closet” by Tina Croll and Ted Striggles, with choreography by Tina Croll. “The Limestone Room” by Tina Croll. “Light Part Four and Part Five” by Kei Takei Group, with the participation of Carmen Beuchat, Erin Martin, Elsi Miranda, Maldwyn Pate, Lloyd Ritter, Kei Takei and Peter Weiss. “Celebration of Death” by Ann Danoff, “According to the Waterfall” by Ara Fitzgerald and Lee Conners, “Moonstone” by Nancy Green, with participation of Sara Rudner.