Dance Theater by Victoria Larrain Program

Program of a dance theater directed by Victoria Larrain in 1977; guest choreographer: Carmen Beuchat; guest actress Susan Cooper. It contains: (1) “Quotidien a Long time ago”, choreography by Victoria Larrain, music by Eric Satie, musician: Rodrigo Villaseca, with the participation of Susan Cooper. (2) “Monologue for an American Mother”, directed by Victoria Larrain, interpreter: Susan Cooper. (3) “Tropic Bird”, choreography by Carmen Beuchat, dancer: Victoria Larrain. (4) “Introduction to Topless Dancing”, directed and choreographed by Victoria Larrain, interpreters: Victoria Larrain y Susan Cooper.

Document Information

Name: Dance Theater by Victoria Larrain Program

Author/Creator: Unknown

Place: New York, United States

Date: 1977

Category: Programs - ACBPG_9004

Location: Carmen Beuchat´s Archive (Programs Folder)

Physical Description: Program 28 x 21,7 cm.