“New York, New York”

Press article written by Lillie F. Rosen about Carmen Beuchat´s work interpreted by Junko Kikuchi at the Japan House on December 1980 in New York, published by Arabesqué magazine (Vol. N.VI) in its march-april issue of 1981 (pag. 16). It analyzes the event in which Junko Kikuchi peforms five solos of five different coreographies, with the same scenography and costumes, designed by Tetsuhiko Maeda. The pieces presented were: “Clear Water” by Carmen Beuchat, “Moving Lab” by Carla Banks, “Imprint” by Mel Wong, “Scarecrow” by Miyako Kato and “Nuance” by Minako Manita. The article analyzes different dance performances ocurring in New York at the time.

Document Information

Name: “New York, New York”

Author/Creator: Lillie F. Rosen

Place: New York, United States

Date: December 1980

Category: Press - ACBP_10043

Location: Carmen Beuchat´s Archive (Press´ Folder)

Physical Description: Magazine 28 x 21, 8 cm.