“Mass in CBS Minor, or The Brown Table” or “Cupido”

Record of the piece “Mass in CBS Minor, or The Brown Table”. This work has also been called  “Cupid”. It was presented at the 112 Greene St. Gallery in New York on November 1972. The photographs were taken by Alfonso Barrios. In this work Kei Takei and Carmen Beuchat participated, among others. The trapeze was designed by Richard Nonas.

Document Information

Name: “Mass in CBS Minor, or The Brown Table” or “Cupido”

Author/Creator: Alfonso Barrios

Place: 112 Greene Street Gallery, New York, United States

Date: 11/1972

Category: Photographs - ACBF_11006

Location: Carmen Beuchat´s Archive (Photographs´ Folder)

Physical Description: 1 black and white photograph 19,3 x 12,3 cm. and 1 black and white proofsheet 28 x 20,4 cm.