“Libertad, Cambio y Ruptura”

Article written by Sergio Pinto Briones with photos by José Manuel Dominguez for Revista Caras, titled “Carmen Beuchat, bailarina y coreógrafa internacional. Libertad, cambio y ruptura”. Published on January 28, 2005. The article covers her professional career and inquires into specific areas such as her life in New York and her relationship with Chile.

Document Information

Name: “Libertad, Cambio y Ruptura”

Author/Creator: Sergio Pinto Briones. Foto: José Manuel Domínguez

Place: Santiago, Chile

Date: 28/01/2005

Category: Press - ACBP_10018

Location: Carmen Beuchat´s Archive (Press´ Folder)

Physical Description: Press clipping (2) 23,3 x 33,5 cm.