Brochure Embodied Absence

Brochure of the exhibition “Embodied Absence: Chilean Art of the 1970s”, curated by Liz Munsell and held at the Carpenter Center for Visual Arts, Harvard, Cambrigde, United States. The following artists are presented: Fernando Balcells, Eltit Diamond, Lotty Rosenfeld, Juan Castillo, Francisco Copello, Donoso Light, Juan Downey, Carlos Leppe, Catalina Parra, UNAC, Union for Culture, Cecilia Vicuña, and the restaging of the piece “Two Not One II” original from 1975, choreography by Carmen Beuchat, performers: Carolina Escobillana and Paula Sacur, music: Miguel Jauregui, curtains design: Felipe Mujica, Johanna Unzueta, research: Jennifer McColl.