Artistic Sheet “The Moon is a Witness”

Press release sent by Carmen Beuchat Performing Inc. in June 1985 for the diffusion of “La Luna es Testigo”. The choreography is by Carmen Beuchat, the costumes by Marco Correa, the sound by Michael Moneagle, and interpreted by Carmen Beuchat, Marcela Broughton, and Cathy Zimmerman.It has a description of the general concept of the piece.

Document Information

Name: Artistic Sheet “The Moon is a Witness”

Author/Creator: Carmen Beuchat Performing Inc.

Place: New York, United States

Date: 6/1985

Category: Formal Documents - ACBDF_3052

Location: Carmen Beuchat´s Archive (Formal Documents´ Folder)

Physical Description: Paper 21 x 28 cm.