Trisha Brown Company, Inc poster

Poster of Trisha Brown Company,Inc.´s presentation at 541 B´way, Spring St, New York., with the participation of Elizabeth Garren, Judith Ragir, Mona Sulzman, Pamplona Stones, Sylvia Palacios Whitman. The presentation was partly financed by the New York Council on the arts and the Creative Arts Public Service Program. Photography by Babette Mangolte.

Document Information

Name: Trisha Brown Company, Inc poster

Author/Creator: Unknown

Place: 541 B´way Spring St. New York, United States

Date: 04-07/06/xxxx

Category: External Graphic - ACBG_5033

Location: Carmen Beuchat´s Archive (External Graphic´s Folder)

Physical Description: Poster 34 x 56,4 cm.