Poster of The Diamond Sutra in Orbit

Poster of “The Diamond Sutra in Orbit”, a dramatized dance piece based on Hindu Sutra “Perfection of Wisdom”, that teaches the practice of non-attachment or the abstention from mental attachment and the non-permanence. Work done by Manju Prasad, with the partipication of Jau Barber, Caren Bayer, Carmen Beuchat, Paul Handleman, Melinda Levorove, Dorothy Pace, Anand Patole and Barbara Reilly. Presented at CW Post Center, Long Island Univerity.

Document Information

Name: Poster of The Diamond Sutra in Orbit

Author/Creator: Unknown

Place: Long Island, United States

Date: 18/12/xxxx

Category: Promotion's - ACBD_4034

Location: Carmen Beuchat´s Archive (Promotion's Folder)

Physical Description: Poster 28 x 21,6 cm.